Hyderapals is a UK Charity registered for gift aid with HMRC that provides education and care for children in the slums of Hyderabad, India.

We currently support the work of The Patashala school (formerly the MS Foundation School) in Yellamabanda near Kukatpally. Patashala serves the families of migrant labourers and a community of people who, in the wake of urban development, have been dispossessed of their land and homes. Most live in extreme poverty with inadequate housing and drainage and intermittent water supplies. Parents would like their children to attend school but more often need to send them to work as labourers or house servants. Continue reading

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Out of this world!

Over an unbelievably tasty meal provided by the school of rice and curry, we were humbled by not only the generosity but also the talents of these women we are proud to have as our teachers at Patashala. FullSizeRender

Committed, previously uneducated women from Yellemabanda somehow manage to balance running homes with limited means and bringing up their own children with full time work at a school of 200 children ranging from 3-13. Not only are they challenging social norms by being working mothers from the dalit community (the lowest caste), but through a programme set up by Hyderapals we are supporting them as they gain qualifications in teaching. It is with great pride and delight that we can now report that 7 of our teachers have completed BTECS, 6 teachers have completed their 12th standard and three have started degrees.IMG_6055
Our trip to the school this October enabled us to join in lessons, have time with the very special teachers, honour their achievements and head up a project on space which culminated in a trip to the planetarium for all of years 2,3, 4,5, and 6. To hear the audible ‘wow’, as the children witnessed the planetary projection show took our breath away. The previous day we had created a solar system mural on their class wall, taught them key facts about each planet (later turned into posters for the walls) and demonstrated the planetary orbits with children orbiting each other holding a number of different sized balls (and in the case of Saturn, a hula hoop!).

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A Very Special Thank You at Christmas

Hyderapals and the children, parents and teachers of Patashala School in Hyderabad send seasonal greetings and very sincere thanks to all the wonderful friends and kind anonymous donors who have supported us over the years. We could not possibly manage without you.


A recent exhibition was held at St Martin-in-the-Fields reflecting the support their International Committee has given over the last few years to six overseas projects. One of these has been Patashala School.

As a result Hyderapals has been able to improve the quality of teaching provided by the school. Teachers and other local women have been trained to enable them to gain recognised national qualifications, and the head teacher, Lavanya, has been supported to standardise the quality of teaching including the provision of the same work books as those used at the leading schools in India. With support from a local NGO a new mentoring scheme has greatly increased the confidence and abilities of the teachers.

The children have also enjoyed trips to the zoo and an amazing local fort called Golconda providing memories they will never forget.


This time last year our children had a wonderful surprise. Photographer Peter Knight had forged links between Patashala and the Stoke Poges School in Buckinghamshire where pupils organised a huge collection of Christmas gift boxes. Peter arranged for them to be sent out to our school. Follow the link under ‘New Link with Buck school’ below to see a delightful video of our children receiving those presents!

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Andrew’s Visit

Andrew Newton is a Doctor from England. He visited Hyderabad for a medical conference in November (2015). He had seen the work of Patashala and Hyderapals online and got in contact with us before his visit. Continue reading

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Music as Therapy

Patashala School has been very lucky to host two music therapists from Music as Therapy. Music as Therapy is a UK based charity whose mission is the “development and use of music therapy, as a means to relieve those living in conditions of need, hardship or distress, suffering from mental or physical disability and the effects of poverty or sickness.”

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