Andrew’s Visit

Andrew Newton is a Doctor from England. He visited Hyderabad for a medical conference in November (2015). He had seen the work of Patashala and Hyderapals online and got in contact with us before his visit.


Andrew was only in Hyderabad a few days and we were very lucky to have him spend two days with our students. On Andrews first visit to Patashala he gave our students some early learning toys and held an interactive workshop on hand washing and dental hygiene. Andrew used picture handouts to demonstrate the importance of washing hands. It was to our horror that only 3 out of 30 students admitted to washing their hands after they’d been to the toilet!




To show students how to improve their teeth brushing habits Andrew distributed plaque-disclosing tablets and tooth brushes. When you crunched these fruity tablets they turned your whole mouth purple and blue.

The blue areas showed lasting plaque that needed harder brushing. It was great fun doing this with the students, some loved the purple fruity mouth while others gasped!



IMG_2415Andrew also took classes 4 & 5 to Golconda fort. They had a spectacular time. A tour guide took them round and talked about the history of Golconda. The students were happy to visit a historical place that they had learnt about and seen in their textbooks. It was a long and very enjoyable day.

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