Cultural Day

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We were coming to the end of our first academic year and teachers thought it best for the children to have a ‘cultural day’ where they could showcase their talents. So the whole school went into preparation mode and children of all ages were encouraged to put together dances and plays. The children had some help from the  former students and their principal Lavanya.

imageOn the day of the event children and parents alike assembled in front of the school where a stage was set up, full with lights and a sound system. The stage was open to the air so everyone in the neighbourhood could come see the event. The children from the lower years came up in turns to recite nursery rhymes both in English, Telugu and Hindi. The upper years put together a series of Dances of their favourite Bollywood songs as did a few of our ex- students. But the little children from Nursery stole our hearts with a ‘fashion show’. Parents and students cheered them on as they made their way up to the front of the stage one by one.

All our teachers made their very first speeches in English in front of all our guests and they received their certificate of teacher training from Tom Holloway.

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