MS Foundation has grown considerably over the years. So much so that classrooms have not been providing enough space, ventilation and light for a good learning environment. Last year we built an extension to fit another classroom. This year we decided to renovate all the classes in an attempt to best utilize the space we have.

A recurring problem we have at school is consistent power cuts. When the power goes we loose our light and fan, classrooms quickly become hot and stuffy. We decided to get enough ventilation and windows to be independent of power cuts completely. Besides these we also thought it best to provide an extra toilet and a space for teachers to unwind and have lunch and tea, our own version of a teachers lounge if you will.

After renovations

Students have been impressed and happy with the renovations and have been bringing their parents to school to see. It has made a big difference to their learning environment and general atmosphere. Teachers are also very happy as its made their job more pleasant. Classrooms are much brighter and cooler than before. These changes I am sure will be reflected in student behavior.

Before renovations

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  1. Nadira Tyabji says:

    Good practical steps- – these, – with thought for the future.. & the children’s benefit.

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