Hyderapals is a UK Charity registered for gift aid with HMRC that provides education and care for children in the slums of Hyderabad, India.

We currently support the work of The Patashala school (formerly the MS Foundation School) in Yellamabanda near Kukatpally. Patashala serves the families of migrant labourers and a community of people who, in the wake of urban development, have been dispossessed of their land and homes. Most live in extreme poverty with inadequate housing and drainage and intermittent water supplies. Parents would like their children to attend school but more often need to send them to work as labourers or house servants.

A major reason for choosing Yellamabanda was the presence of the local brick industry. This report by the BBC from Hyderabad outlines the appalling conditions that brick workers and their families endure.

The School educates 220 children and has also provided English, computer and tailoring classes for young women. A nursery was opened in 2011 so that the older girls can stay at school rather than being required from the age of nine or ten to look after younger siblings at home.

We would be most grateful if you felt able to support the work of Hyderapals. You can donate online here  or send a cheque to Hyderapals, 2 Shirley Gardens, Hanwell W7 3PT. If you are a UK tax payer, please ensure that you select the option to have Gift Aid automatically applied when donating online (or print and enclose the Gift Aid form available here if sending a cheque). Gift Aid will increase your donation to the School by 25%!

To find out more about the Patashala School, Hyderapals and the people we help, please explore the following links:

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